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Annual Concert ILBC @ Taunggyi 2017 an Upbeat Event

The Annual Concert ILBC Taunggyi is one of the most anticipated extracurricular events on the school calendar. The Concert entails weeks of preparation and planning. Teachers work with the students to create entertaining and thoughtful acts for parents and community.
This year’s Concert was superbly presented in a highly professional manner. The performances covered an expansive assortment themes and styles. The acts ranged from humorous song and dance numbers, to fable-like skits, to historically informative dramatizations, to ethnic dances with traditional music, to ecologically concerned acts that promoted conservation of the environment plus international harmony among the world’s diverse populations.
The concert showcased the creative talents of the ILBC students. The students displayed abundant self-confidence, poise, humor and tons of ability. A bravo event. It is obvious from this event that ILBC guides the students not only intellectually, but also creatively. ILBC helps develop the entire personality of the students: their empathy, their environmental consciousness, their cultural awareness and their spiritual understanding.
The Concert started promptly at 9:00AM at Taunggyi’s City Hall Auditorium. The program included 21 items. Following are a series of thumbnail sketches of the acts.
1st item was an Instrumental prelude to the recital – 9 violins; 3 recorders; 2 guitars & 2 keyboards. The act started with a delicate interpretation of the popular song: Wind Beneath My Wings
2nd item – Kindergarten and lower primary sang the Myanmar National Anthem accompanied by Teacher Poh Quah on keyboards. That was followed by 3 other uplifting songs dealing with peace and harmony.
3rd item – Presentation of writing, math and art competition trophies; presented by the Head of the School Teacher Kim and Assistant Head, Teacher Chan.
4th item – Lower primary performed a boisterous, spirited rendition of Fly Away – accompanied on keyboard by Secondary 3 student Phoebe.
5th item – An ecology themed pantomime accompanied by 3 upper primary students, giving background vocalizing of “Love Song to the Earth”. Performance counterpointed preservation of nature with destruction of nature. Showing the adverse effects of industrialization without the balance of conservation.
6th item – primary 4 did a humorous spoof tellingly titled: A Funny Class. The student in the role as the teacher spoke in a comedic quasi Texas drawl; a clever accent. Plot was an animated debate for and against television and the use of innovative lesson presentation techniques.
7th item – Kindergarten performed a traditional Karen dance in cultural costumes, students wore ornate head bands, boys dressed in violet robes with flamboyant red loungies; while girls attire was white robes and loungies with red tassels.
8th item – Primary 1 – a fable titled Goose Girl, which takes place in some imaginary kingdom during the middle ages. Knights and princesses – intricate play with impressive props, clever horse costume. Students did an impressive job.
9th item – A brief keyboard solo instrumental by young lower primary girl, Nang Wun Seng Tip.
10th item – Primary 2 performed a Myanmar- Thailand friendship skit in traditional cultural attire accompanied by a slide show, videos and cultural tunes. Historical military garb plus cultural dance in vivid pink and salmon flowing dresses.
11th item – sec 2 a ballad performed by 7 vocalists, 2 guitarists, one keyboardist, 2 violinists and a recorder which then shifted gears to an athletic , tightly choreographed dance titled “Non-Stop Action”. Followed by a comedic routine done in Myanmar.
12th item Was a well choreographed ethnic “Fan Dance” performed by Secondary 4 student Cindy.
13th item – Was an ethic inspired dance number by Primary 3 students titled “Lotus Dance”. Once again the students were well rehearsed and quite elegant in their traditional garb.
14th item – Was a solo keyboard recital by primary girl, Yoon Alinkar, of the theme song Rain Drops Keep Falling on My Head from the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid movie.
15th item – An act by Primary 4 – spirited interpretation of typical old-time ethnic Myanmar dance. Incorporated gymnastics into performance.
16th item – A longish skit based on a virtual friendship tour of major western cities like London and Paris utilizing music, dance, slides and large scale props i.e. a mural sized airplane. The extended hotel swimming pool set piece was a clever pantomime similar to those found in the popular Ester Williams’ movies.
17th item The Secondary 3 students presented a knock-out traditional Shan dance routine attired in elaborate costumes. The professionalism of the students and the exciting costumes were the show stealers. Tight choreography and well rehearsed. A highly dexterous routine. The huge two deer-like mythical beasts were a tour-de-force.
18th item – The exuberant Secondary 1 students performed a high-energy piece called “Re-mix”; was a hip-hop inspired dance with Madonna-isque vocals – The hardcore attitude assumed by the students made for a spunky act. Their agile, energetic moves were surely upbeat and thoroughly entertaining.
19th item – One more Myanmar cultural dance performed in traditional garb and accompanied by appropriate ethnic music. A very structured choreography where each gesture in premeditated and formal.
20th item – Secondary 4 presented a complex “Shadow Dance” created and acted by the students. The skit dealt with the theme of conservation and protection of natural resources. Sound track was “A Better Place” by Rachel Platten. Well structured pantomime, shrewdly performed
Finale – “We Can Change the World” was sung by Primary 4, 5, 6 students. A positive message concerning doing the right thing. Upbeat and optimistic. Promoted a belief in the power of good deeds and doing the right thing.
One comment in closing: if the students at ILBC are used as a gauge, Myanmar has a bright future.

Credit to Andrew