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Myanmar STEM Competition National Final 2020

ILBC Annual Concert 2020

The Graduation

Class of 2019!

Myanmar STEM Competition 2019

A total of 5 teams from ILBC took part in ...


World Robot Olympiad 2019 Hungary International

Team Myanmar grouped by ILBC robotics seni...


World Robot Olympiad Myanmar 2019

We are very delighted to announce the grat...



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Established 1995

30 Campuses

13000 Students

Well-Trained 1700 Teachers

Edexcel Approved Centre Number 95909

A total of 5 teams from ILBC took part in the Myanmar STEM Competition 2019 (Yangon Tournament), which was held at YIS on 23rd November 2019.
The teams represented by ILBC achieved success in the competition.
Congratulations to-
🏆 ILBC YGN TEAM 4 – WeDo Category (Champion Award)
🏆 ILBC YGN TEAM 4 – WeDo Category Runner Up
🏆 ILBC YGN TEAM 3 – Regular Category (Junior) Outstanding Project Award
🏆 ILBC YGN TEAM 3 – Regular Category (Junior) Robot Performance Award
🏆 ILBC YGN TEAM 2 – Regular Category (Senior) Robot Performance Award
🏆 ILBC YGN TEAM 5 – WeDo Category (Robot Performance Award)
The final tournament will be held in Nay Pyi Taw on 25th and 26th January 2020.
Some of the teams who have missed out on the prizes or not able to participate in any Yangon or Mandalay events will also get a second chance to compete in the Regional Tournament at Nay Pyi Taw.
Additionally, after the final competition, the “CHOSEN TEAMS” will be continued to the International Final of World Robot Olympiad(WRO) 2020 in Montreal, Canada and relating Invitational Competitions of WRO from “Langfang Hebei, CHINA, Brescia, ITALY, Orlando, U.S.A”.

Team Myanmar grouped by ILBC robotics senior members took part in the World Robot Olympiad 2019 Hungary International, under the Senior Open and Senior Regular Categories. The competition was from 8th to 10th November 2019.
Our ILBC students tried their best and they got the results as below.
✅ Regular Senior Category Result – 41 out of 83
✅ Open Senior Category Result – 28 out of 34.
Warmest congratulations to Team Myanmar!

We are very delighted to announce the gratifying result that two of our senior robotics teams won champions awards in both Senior Open and Senior Regular categories in the WRO-Myanmar, the national competition. We do appreciate everyone who supported us today. Further good news is that in the near future, team ILBC will compete under their respective categories in the World Robot Olympiad 2019 Hungary International Competition as the representatives of Myanmar.
Good Luck!