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ILBC Taunggyi participates in Kahtain Robe Offering Ceremony (2016)

On November 10th the ILBC branch in Taunggyi celebrated the Kahtain Robe offering ceremony at the Thain Taun Monastery. Kahtain is celebrated as the largest festival among traditional Buddhists in the world. ILBC students and teachers gathered in the monastery, undertook the five precepts, and listened to Dhamma talks. This important spiritual event afforded a special opportunity for prayers to Buddha and for donations to the monks for preserving the faith.

The main theme of Kahtain Robe began in the morning, around 10:00, where many monks gave Dhamma speeches and talked about the significance of the Kahtain Robe offering. A representative of the ILBC led the ceremony and announced the offering. At the Kahtain Robe ceremony the teachers and students offered ready-made robes to the Saṅgha for the ceremony, not hand-made ones as in the olden days. After receiving the robes, monks did other activities and performed some Vinaya rituals. At the ending session, the ceremony was concluded by sharing a traditional Myanmar lunch with the participants.

After the meal in the afternoon, the teachers and students performed traditional activities such as singing Buddhist songs and cultural dancing with animated drumming. ILBC brought along an impressive hot-air balloon that was fired up and floated away accompanied by festive fireworks to celebrate this meaningful holiday.

ILBC is a school that not only believes in academic excellence but also the cultural, social, physical and spiritual enrichment of our beloved students.