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Gift of Music Community Concert” was successfully finished today

Today community concert “Gift of Music” was successfully finished by collaboration with Music for One Foundation(M4one), Yangon Music School and National University of Arts and Culture. Myanmar musicians used the bamboo- clapper, cymbal, flute, harp, goblet drum and other musical instruments and then played the Myanmar traditional songs namely “U Shwe Yoe.” Also “The Home” composed by Saya Diramore was played. Moreover, Korea musicians sang and performed in both opera and classical styles. On the other hand, Korea musician, Sir. SoInamoo Song introduced the different types of flutes to the students. And then he continued saying about his life and sent to the students the energetic word “The Hope”. At the end of the programme, Music for One Foundation (M4one) awarded the “Certificate of Appreciation” to ILBC. From the side of ILBC, we really very thank you, Music for One Foundation and all the participators, especially for touching with The Art of Music and our students.
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