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ILBC HBL – Secondary 5 to Secondary 6 (English Version)

Home-based Learning programme-related information for students and parents

 The aims and objectives of the first week of classes

To establish an effective learning environment where both teachers and students work together using the Microsoft Teams Application

  1.   Course Duration 
  • May18, 2020 to May 22, 2020.
  1. Home-based Learning School Hours
  • Kindergarten to Primary 4 classes: 9:00 am to 11:00 am (Monday to Friday, a 5 day week) Primary 5 to Secondary 6 classes would commence from 12:30 pm until 2:30 pm. (Monday to Friday, a 5 day week).
  1. The classes which are required to attend
  • all classes of KG to Secondary 6.
  1. Students who are eligible to attend – All IGCSE (Mon-Fri) regular students who have registered Online to attend the 2020-2021 academic year are eligible to attend 2 weeks free HBL programme.
  2. Medium of instruction – The medium of instruction is primarily English in all levels.

(Exceptions: Due to new technology-related terminology, teachers will give instructions both in English & in Myanmar. Please note that Myanmar language will be in use when and where it is necessary.)

Objectives for the first week of the HBL program

(a)         Teachers and students work together to establish a safe and harmonious virtual learning environment.

(b)   Students, teachers and parents work together to understand the do’s and don’ts of the virtual learning environment and strictly abide by these.

Possible challenges that students may experience 

  • The inability to enter the HBL programme due to entering the wrong User Name and Password.
  • You would need to enter the correct UserName and Password.
  • Accidentally pressing the wrong key on the keyboard, resulting in the others not to hear you. (Mute)
  • If the other party does not hear you, 
    • check the microphone and try again. (Unmute)
  • If you accidently click on the video camera icon,  resulting in the others not to see you, 
    • check the video camera icon and switch it on again.
  • If you accidentally hang up, press the Join button on Teams of your class and re- join the program.


What to do when you encounter technical problems in online learning

  • If the Internet connection is not good while you’re learning, wait until the connection gets better and continue learning. If the Wifi connection does not improve during your studies, you can use  Personal Hotspot from your phone.
  • If your device(s) stop working while you’re learning, restart it and continue learning by re-joining your class again.
  • If you have any other technical difficulties concerning the ILBC HBL programme, please contact the ILBC Technical Support Team.

    Email: support@ilbc.edu.mm,  teamadmin@ilbc.edu.mm

    Viber +959777711112

    Mobile: 09777711112, 09 887887717, 09 887887727, 09 777092000

Safety measures regarding electricity while studying Online

  • The safety of the students is the priority.
  • The batteries of the devices in use must be fully charged beforehand to enable the learner to continue learning  in case  there is power blackout.
  • Apart from Laptops or Desktops, Tablets or Mobile Phones should be handy so that students can continue learning in case there is power blackout.

Home-based Learning programme-related information for students and parents


The aims and objectives of the second week of classes

  1.   Course Duration 
  • May 25, 2020 to May 29, 2020
  1.   Home-based Learning School Hours
  • Kindergarten to Primary 4 classes: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. (Monday to Friday,  5 days per week).
  • Primary 5 to Secondary 6 classes: 12:30 pm to 4:30 pm.    (Monday to Friday,  5 days per week).
  1.   Availability of Classes
  • All classes from  Kindergarten to Secondary 6.
  1.   Students who are eligible to attend
  • All IGCSE (Mon-Fri) regular students who have registered Online to attend the 2020-2021 academic year are eligible to attend 2 weeks free HBL programme

To ensure that students improve in the usage of the Microsoft Teams Application, during the second week of the free 2 weeks training period of the Home-based Learning programme from 25th May to 29th May 2020, the following subjects will be taught during the class periods specified above. 

Secondary 5 to Secondary 6

Subjects – Myanmarsar, English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, IT, Health and Fitness.

Period(s) per week – Myanmarsar (1 period), English (5 periods), Mathematics (4 periods), Physics (5 periods), Chemistry (3 periods), IT (1 period), Health and Fitness (1 period).

Timetables – The timetables for the different classes of Kindergarten to Secondary 6 will be posted on the Calendar of the respective Teams on May 22nd 2020. The information will also be sent to students via emails created by ILBC (example: xxxxxxxxx@ilbc.edu.mm). The timetables given are subject to change.

  • Each teaching period lasts one hour with 10 minute break in-between.
  • There will be a total of 3 (4) teaching periods per day, 15 (20) teaching periods per week and 60 (80) teaching periods per month.
  • Textbook – In the HBL programme, students can simply find teaching materials, photos, video files, etc. uploaded as required in the Class Materials Folder in the Files tab on Microsoft Teams. Paper Textbooks will be used only when school campus reopens.
  • Assignment – Assignments will be given in the Assignment Tab of the Microsoft Teams Menu. When the student completes the assignment, it can be submitted in time by clicking the “Turn In” The teacher will then grade and return it to the student.
  • Online Face to Face Engagement session – When and where it is necessary, teachers may arrange Face to Face Group Discussion session where students and teachers can discuss the lessons in more detail. 
  • A Single Class Size – Maximum number of students (25). (KG to Primary6)

Video Conferencing Class Size – The Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing Feature is an application which can be used together by 12 teachers and 250 students. This feature will be used where and when necessary.

Meeting Chat – Meeting Chat can be used by both students and teachers to ask questions, to give answers, and to send comments. It can also be used to exchange lesson-related files, photos, videos clips, etc.

Message Book – Parents and guardians can communicate with teachers by leaving messages in the Posts tab in Microsoft Teams in the place of the Parent-Teacher Message Book.

Assessment _ Students are assessed at all times and assessment is done in different aspects as shown below.

  1. Digital Activity: Digital Activity means taking the average time the student is learning on Microsoft Teams and is given in percentage. If the end result is 100 percent, it means that the student is engaged in the learning process.
  2. Average Grade : Average Grade shows the ability of the student to complete a given assignment in the respective subjects and the quality of the completed assignment. If the average grade is 100 percent, it means that the student has completed all the assignments given in all the subjects correctly.
  3. On-time Assignments : On-time assignments feature shows if a student completes a given assignment within a specified time. If the student obtains a 100 percent result, it means that the student is capable of completing his assignments within the specific given time frame.
  4. Average Time For Feedback : Average time for feedback shows the amount of time a student spends to go through the assignments graded by the teacher.
  5. Communication Activity : Communication Activity shows how much a student has communicated with teachers and other students to ask questions, to give comments, to discuss in groups, and to post regarding their lessons. When a student gets a high percentage, it can be interpreted that the student is high in Interpersonal Intelligence and good in Social Skills.

Proceeding to the next level – Requirements to proceed to the next level are as follows:

  1. School attendance must at least be 75 percent.

The student must Join the Teams Class on a regular basis to meet this requirement.

  1. Assessment Results must be 50 percent and higher.

For the Assessment Results to be good, the student must complete the assignment correctly and turn these in as required. 

Attendance – Students’ attendance will be checked by teachers and also recorded automatically by the Microsoft Teams Applications.

Lessons missed – If for any reason a student fails to attend classes, he needs to listen to the assigned video/audio recording of the lessons and complete and submit the assignments in time.

More information regarding the Home-based Learning will be announced later.