About ILBC

About ILBC

Mission Statement

ILBC seeks to foster the development of the whole child, one who is academically well-prepared, socially responsible, culturally sensitive, and personally fulfilled. The ILBC mission statement focuses on “Progress through Education”.

The Board of Education believes in:

  1. Treating each child as an individual who develops at his or her own pace.
  2. Nurturing the academic, physical, artistic, emotional, and social needs of a child.
  3. A close, cooperative and caring relationship between student and teacher, and between student and student.

What We emphasize:

  1. High Academic Standards. Students are encouraged to reach their full potential.
  2. Concepts, processes, and skills. Children learn how to learn.
  3. A board curriculum that includes integrated approaches to learning.
  4. The development of positive attitudes towards learning, self and others, and the formation of a good moral character.
  5. Open communication between school, home and community.
  6. Cultivation of patriotism throughout the curriculum.
  7. A global perspective, including respect for the environment.
  8. Appreciation and respect for individual and cultural differences.

How to Enroll

Please visit our Centre and meet our teaching staff. Take a placement test in order to join the most suitable class for your level of English and age.

What ILBC offers

ILBC offers courses from Preschool right through to IGCSE Level & GCE A Level.