Student Leaders 2015 – 2016

Student Leaders 2015 – 2016


Student Captain (Sec 6 UK)

Htet Myat

2015-2016 academic year has been a great year for me. As a senior and the school captain, I would like to deliver my final message to my brothers and sisters. Success is a journey, not a destination. Although we’re enjoying our school life, we still need to work hard to maintain our grades and academic progression. Colleges and Universities look at your high school transcripts, so stay on track, but enjoy yourselves along the way. Don’t miss out on memorable opportunities. I wish all of you good luck in continuing your education in the future. Make ILBC community proud. I know you can do it and i believe in all of you.


Vice President (Sec 5 US)

Sai Thuta Kyaw

Having a student council here at ILBC plays a huge part in our school and that is something that we are proud of. We are happy to express our voices in the school’s decision-making body as this school is a part of our lives. This year was and will be a remarkable one with many changes and activities that happened during the year. I have learnt many things from the experiences I gained from being a student leader. Being one is not easy. But I anticipate there will be more activities and achievements happening next year.


Sec 4 Representative (Sec 4 A)

Engyin Pwint Aung

If you had told me that I would be the Rep of Secondary 4 a month ago, I would have told you to get a reality check. It was totally unexpected – a bolt from the blue. I would like to thank all of my very kind friends who have chosen me – the assertive and loquacious five foot two girl for this position. If you think being a leader is a laid-back, easy-going job then, you, my friend, are terribly wrong. There are so many qualifications of being a good leader. Don’t get me started. After all, my motto goes by the words, “Train like an underdog. Play like a champion.” I do not have an iron or steel heart nor am I “titanium” but I will give you a cookie if you’re hungry.
One day, you’re going to look back and think how 2015-2016 academic year was definitely one of the most exciting year ever. This is Engyin Pwint Aung, student leader of Secondary 4.


Sec 3 Represntative (Sec 3 G)

Ingyin Khine

As a student of ILBC for almost 11 years, I feel as if this school has become a huge part of me. It is in fact a place where all great memories and dreams were made. If anyone ever came up to ask me if I were a leader, I would kindly say no because I believe we are all leaders. We all have the potential to be great leaders of our school as well as our country. Instead, I am one of the representatives. My job is to listen. Listen to the voices of each and every student of Secondary 3 and represent their ideas not leaving anyone out. Thus, that is what I intend to do throughout the year and accomplish changes.


Sec 2 Student Leader (Sec 2 H)

Su Myat Htut Tin

Hello to all the readers! I’m Su Myat Htut Tin, your recently elected Student Leader representing “Secondary 2.” I would like to express my gratitude towards all of my fellow colleagues, friends and teachers for giving me this chance to bring about improvements and changes to our second home.
I am very eager to prove myself as the leader that I hope to be and would like to become. Since a very young age, I have always been inspired by all the senior leaders of our school and was determined to become like them and never disappoint any of you. I would not only find faults and needs of our second home, but also would come up with ideas to make our school a better learning environment.


Sec 1 Student Leader (Sec 1 B)

Khant Thurein Hlaing

Hi, I’m Khant Thurein Hlaing. I might not be the most humorous or most reliable student, but believe it or not, I got chosen as the Secondary 1 representative. Being a leader is very hard. You hardly get treated with respect since you are the same age as your fellow pupils. Being a leader you must get used to this harsh reality and listen to their numerous complaints. You guys might think it is a job where you sit around all day and listen to impossible demands. You are partly right, but there is more to being a leader than this. You must organize activities and be the bridge between the students and the teachers. If you are doing the right things friends will hate you and if you are not, well you’ll feel very bad. So you have to make decisions and give choices. You might be asking, “How does all this help us in the future?” Well, when you get older you will have experience dealing with numerous personalities. All in all, I am very much pleased to help bring forth the improvement of the school.