Evaluation System

Evaluation System

 ILBC emphasizes on the completion of a number of common assessment task (CATs) that will give a far more comprehensive, year-long assessment of student performance. To ensure that they complete all the relevant tasks, students need to plan their work over the course of each semester and not leave everything to the last minute. Failure to complete set CATs during the given time frame may result in a failing grade for a student in that subject. Students, who have completed Secondary 4 studies at ILBC in February, take the London IGCSE ‘O’ Level Examinations in May. Common Assessment Tasks are based on the four main areas:
  • Classroom Performance
  • Project/ Tutorial/ Assessment
  • Discipline and
  • Homework

Grading System

Grades Subjects
Maths, Science, Computing Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology Myanmar, English, History, Geography, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Accounting, Economics, Music
A 80-100 75-100
B 70-79 65-74
C 60-69 60-64
D 55-59 55-59
E 50-54 50-54
F Below 50 Below 50

Marks Allocation

Grade Level Marks allocation
Common Assessment Tasks Formal Test
KG – P3 60% 40%
P4 – P6 50% 50%
Sec 1 – Sec 2 40% 60%
Sec 3 Phys:, Chem.:, Bio 20% 80%
Other subjects 25% 75%
Sec 4 0% 100%