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Water Rocket Final Flight Competition!

Today, water rocket final flight competiti...


Happy Little Chef Time!

Every week has different activities for Pr...



Superintendent’s Welcome

I am happy to introduce our ILBC website to you and to all readers, who are interested in education. As we equip our children with the essential knowledge and skills to thrive in life, we would like to share with you some information about our school. Browsing through the site you will learn more about us: our mission, our history, the different branches across the country, our organization, the facilities we provide, our calendar year, the curriculum we have developed for our primary and secondary levels, our admission policy, and employment opportunities with us. We have also included a photo gallery where you will find a wide range of co-curricular as well as extra-curricular activities done over the year. We are proud of our school and our achievements over the years. And should you need more information, you are most welcome to contact us.

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ILBC seeks to foster the development of the whole child, one who is academically well-prepared, socially responsible, culturally sensitive, and personally fulfilled. The ILBC mission statement focuses on “Progress through Education”…

Our Facilities

Well-planned syllabus with programmes of activities such as excursions, social events, sports, etc.Trained, qualified and experienced local and overseasteachers (native English speakers)...Read More 


ILBC was established on May 2, 1995 with a small language class of twenty students. Since then, it has gained the trust and support of the populace, and has now become the leading...Read More 


The governing body of the organization is the Board of Education, which consists of forty-three members including the managing director, the chief trainer, the superintendent, the principal,...Read More 


Established 1995

30 Campuses

10000 Students

Well-Trained 1700 Teachers

Edexcel Approved Centre Number 95909

Today, water rocket final flight competition was held in south dagon factory with the total of 33 teams from secondary 3 students. There were also 7 teams who also participated in best launching pad design. All the teams did the best to launch their own creative Water Rockets in the air and constructed their own launching pad design. Thank you, students for your participation, teachers and staffs for helping in this Water Rocket Final Flight Competition! A job well done to everyone!

Every week has different activities for Preschool children. Our students from ILBC Tharyar Shwe Pyi Preschool were participated in Little Chef Programme this afternoon. This Programme intended to get the teamwork spirit, to strengthen their muscles of fingers and to improve their English language skills as well as communicative skills. Our students were so excited in this Programme as you can see them in the pictures!

Tomorrow is an amazing and exciting day of Sai Bhone Theinga for being an official match ball carrier in the match between Sweden and Switzerland host in Saint Petersburg Stadium (Russia). We are so proud of him as Myanmar representative official football carrier in the match. We wish you to be healthy, calm, energetic and brave from the start to the end of the journey. And again, we want to urge the teachers, the parents and Myanmar football fans to encourage our Sai Bhone Theinga with a cheerful mind.
Please watch Mg Sai Bhone Theinga on Sweden VS Switzerland match on 8:30 pm in the night!
Credit Photos >>> KIA Myanmar
More Information about Sai Bhone Theinga